More About Me

Krishnae Balachandran - REALTOR®

Greetings, I'm Krishnae Balachandran, and I go by "Krish". I originate from the vibrant state of Kerala in southern India, a land steeped in culture, tradition, and artistic heritage. My journey began with a profound love for classical dance, specifically 'Bharatnatyam', which I've dedicated over 20 years to mastering. I continue to actively learn and perform this art at various cultural events, requiring patience, practice, precision, and creativity to stand out.

Transitioning from a successful high school dancer, I pursued a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from a renowned Indian university. While there, I proudly contributed to the university's dance team, choreographing performances that earned accolades at inter- and intra-college cultural events. Graduating marked the beginning of an exciting chapter: a full-time role as an IT Analyst at a top German financial technology company.

This role took me to Europe, a leap beyond my comfort zone. Despite initial discomfort, those five years of European living fostered personal growth, including friendships, professional advancement, travel, and deeper historical understanding along with a value of having a space to call "Home".

The next chapter unfolded as I married and relocated to the US. As you may have guessed, this transition brought another round of new experiences. Quickly immersing myself in the culture, values, and traditions of my new home, the US no longer felt foreign. This realization dawned: this land offers limitless opportunities for self-discovery and achievement. While the path took time to clarify, constants remained — a desire to aid others, a profound fondness for art, culture, and a knack for technology-driven analytics.

Fusing these qualities, I embarked on a new venture with JBGoodwin Realtors, leveraging my diverse background in engineering and arts to bring a unique blend of creativity and precision to real estate. Whether it's finding the perfect home or enhancing an investment portfolio, I'm fully committed to ensuring my clients thrive on their real estate journey.